Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Falcon commits capital to companies that have an established operating history and market presence and a motivated management team. With a limited number of investments and a flexible structure, we are able to devote the time and resources necessary to meet the specific needs of each company.

Falcon adds value through an investment of capital for shareholder liquidity and/or growth, and by ensuring that the business is properly capitalized to fund working capital and longer term needs.  Additionally, Falcon is an active, engaged partner who helps set strategic direction, offers feedback and guidance to senior management, and brings a wide range of relationships to bear.

An investment by Falcon serves as a springboard for a company to achieve its strategic, operational, and growth plans more quickly.

Falcon works to grow businesses and increase their net worth through:


Forming a strong relationship with management, who retains the day-to-day operational control of the business.


Improving financial and operational discipline for enhanced margins and cash generation.


Ensuring the company has ample funding sources and an efficient capital structure.


Utilizing the collective business experience of Falcon, DFG, and our relationships to drive value creation.


Striving to be forthright, transparent, and accountable. With management teams, employees, customers, and suppliers

  • Adding to management’s depth and energy, as a partner
  • Assisting with hiring and succession planning
  • Expanding the business through strategic direction
  • Management & information systems
  • Financial expertise and controls
  • Operational assessment
  • Best practices from working with dozens of companies
  • Direct family business experience and knowledge
  • Large company finance and general management backgrounds